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Sometimes following links on various blogs leads you to really interesting posts.

I discovered Jason this morning  (love the subtitle:  "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Blog") and his wonderful post on Top Ten Worst Blog Book Titles.  A few of the highlights of that list are The Blogs Must Be Crazy and Who Let The Blogs Out  (the latter having been written by Biz Stone,  another blog I read on occasion and who always amazes me with his brevity).

But the best part of Theodor's post,  I thought,  were his paragraphs about sidebar content.  Like him,  I'm often amazed at how much stuff some people put in this section of their blog pages;  occasionally,  I'll find something I think is cool enough to put on my blog hence the recent addition of the recommended book/CD/DVD photos  (and accompanying links). Here's a sample of Theodor's blog:

...Today as I was scraping the old paint off of the ceiling for the slow-as-glacier bathroom reno project, I thought about all the goofy little things cluttering sidebars in blogs.  There are geo-locators and blog rolls, 15 different RSS syndications, favorite links, topics, different coloured buttons that give cudos to various people and projects, weather reports, phazes of the moon, photo-rolls, skype numbers, calendars, tickers, chat boxes, and that’s just scratching the surface...."
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Yeah,  I'm a sucker for some of the sidebar content -- but I also get bored from time to time so I take some away, add some more.  I'll never have a completely bare-bones blog but at least I haven't succumbed to tons of advertisements.  Yet...