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Of course, I'm assuming it was an honest mistake.  This morning we were on our way into Patong when Tim stopped at a pharmacy to buy some medicine.  She ran inside leaving me sitting in the sidecar.  However, she forgot to set the brake and I soon began rolling backwards down the hill!  As there was a very expensive-looking car a short distance behind (which I didn't exactly want to purchase if a crash occurred), I scrambled to jump out of the sidecar and bring it to a stop.  I managed to get a few scrapes and bruises in the process but at least that was the worst of the damages.  Well, except for my embarrassment since while this was all observed by a dozen or so patrons of an adjacent noodleshop (who were already staring at the odd sight of the farang riding on a motorbike sidecar seat — the Thais just sit on the frames).

We're laughing about it now but it wasn't so funny this morning!