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OVER 10,000 HITS

I just noticed that my little "family and friends" blog reached it's 10,000th hit today.  My first entry was made on 2 February 2005 and I've written 347 more since then.  Unfortunately, I've only been tracking referrals and ISP's since mid-April 2005 but in that time there have been hits on the blog from 84 different countries (the top five are: the United States with 67.60% or 4957 hits, Thailand with 11.11%/815, the United Kingdom with 3.25%/238, Canada with 2.25%/165, and Norway with 2.18% or 160 hits).  I could bore you with even more useless statistics but I won't do that.  I'm just amazed that so many people have come here at one point or another to read some of my ramblings.  And to think it's original (and still primary) intention was simply to keep my father, sister, and a few close friends updated on my activities and thoughts...