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After leaving Pun Tuao Kong Shrine on Patong Hill (see previous entry), we decided to check out the wat in the northeast part of Patong.  Wat Suwankiriwong is located at the corner of Prabaramee Road (Highway 4029) and Pisit Koranee Road just as you enter town after descending the hill coming from Kathu.  It's a short ways east of Patong's easternmost 7-Eleven and a short distance north of Kwung Tung Cemetary and Anna's Language School.

The temple's location is all I can really tell you about it as I haven't found any English reference to it's history.  I can say that there's an ornate viharn with large golden Buddhas (one sitting, the other standing) at the east and west entrances.  The steps are flanked with multi-headed naga.  The tall bell tower is to the east of the main enclosure; the ladder leading upwards was a bit too rickety for me to try.  To the east of the viharn is a gallery containing statues of seven revered monks (sorry, I have no idea of their names); these are govered in gold leaf.  The main gate to the complex is particularly beautiful with gold-colored roses and vases.  As I explored the grounds, I had to take care not to step upon the many roaming chickens.  Exiting the walled enclosure behind the viharn, a number of Burmese tree-cutters saw me and mimicked taking photos.  I wasn't sure if they wanted me to take their photos so I turned the opposite direction.

As you can see from the photos, each of Phuket's temples has something different to recommend a visit.  I've decided I'm going to try and visit each of the wats at some point.  Five down, twenty-four to go...