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This morning, we awoke to the news (via e-mail) that there has been a military coup here in Thailand — tanks in the streets of Bangkok, the constitution has been revoked, martial law is being imposed, etc.  The television stations are all off the air, both domestic and international, the expat online forums are full of rumors and speculations (I don't exactly have time to wade through these now), and BBC's homepage has images of the tanks surrounding Government House, etc.  I called my sister and dad back in the States to find out what CNN, etc. were reporting; Dad seemed to feel it wouldn't have that big of effect on daily life and I tend to agree.

In fact, going into Patong to attend my classes the past two days we've seen several police/military checkpoints.  We thought these were just a beefing-up of security following the bombs that were set off at shopping centers in Hat Yai this weekend, killing five.  That still might be the case but it makes you wonder a little bit.  One of my classmates yesterday told me that Kamala, a largely Muslim community north of Patong, was completely blocked-off on Monday as well.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out but I think, at some point, HM the King will step in and say, "Enough is enough," putting Thailand back on an even keel.

As for me, it's to school as normal today (only two more weeks to go!).  I look forward to finding out my classmates' opinions of these latest developments (several are planning to move to Bangkok after graduation; they might want to wait a little while and see what happens there).