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We finally made a few minor "modifications" to our motorbike sidecar (sa-ling) this weekend.  We purchased a large plastic bin with lid for keeping things out of the rain.  This is bungee-corded in the rear portion of the sidecar.  Immediately in front of that (right over the axle for the wheel) is a small plastic chair for me to sit on.  This is also secured by a bungee cord so I don't slide around so much when we make turns or go up and down hills.  The front has a large blue piece of board to keep down the amount of water-spray soaking my legs (this needs to be more securely fastened as soon as we can find some wire or something).  Finally, I have a cup holder attached to the left side just above the wheel — perfect for holding any beverages I might need on those long journeys around Phuket.

Now that we have purchased a better grade of rain poncho (for the extremely high price of 79 baht, USD $2.11), I can remain remarkably dry even in the worst of downpours.  There's no need for the suggested parasol covering the rear of the sidecar.

A while back, my father requested some photos of me riding in the sidecar.  While driving through Karon and Rawai this afternoon, I finally remembered to try taking a few self-portraits, as well as a couple of my wife-chauffeur.