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I taught my first evening class last night.  It was quite a change from the intermediate-level students I had been teaching.  I had been assigned to teach about "Simple Present Wh-Questions" and "Simple Present Statements" as the evening class was (supposedly) made up of advanced beginner students.  However, the majority who were there last night were complete newcomers who didn't know any English at all much less what even a verb is.

I persevered and tried my hardest; the comprehension level was very low and I made it through perhaps 50% of the planned activities.  Even the introductions took a considerable amount of time; it was my first time with Tim in one of my classes and she didn't seem to remember anything what I'd previously taught her.  I really struggled with this one but I made it out okay.  My assessor, Bob, gave me some helpful tips on things I could have done.  It will all come in time.

Next up, I teach three beginner level classes in a row.  My assigned lesson for Thursday is to teach how to tell time.  Should be a piece-of-cake after the grammar lessons...

I now present a trio of photos — myself ready for my first day teaching a real class, Tim sitting in front of our school, and the students in my intermediate level classes (left to right: Gip, Or, Jas, and Lek):