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Laem Sing Beach seems to have become our favorite over the past few days.  Located between Kamala and Surin on Phuket's west coast, this one requires quite a trek down a mountain to get to it but it's worth the hike.  Pinned between a tight valley, the beach attracts some serious surf and it's quite fun to brave the breakers and ride the waves.  We spent a few hours there Thursday afternoon and then most of the day and into the night on Sunday.

In between, we also visited various other beaches (although we didn't swim at those).  Mark and Jiab spent the weekend at our house and we managed to cram in rides to Ao Chalong Tourist Pier (where we had an excellent dinner — I had the deep fried prawns), a tiny beach between Laem Promthep (where we also ventured) and Naiharn which still has plenty of uncleaned-up tsunami damage, drinks and crabs along the Rawai waterfront, and an after-midnight picnic at Kata across from Club Med.

Although we had a lot of fun in the wake of our graduation, I've paid a price in that I've received over 40 mosquito bites in the past few days (giving new meaning to the term "eaten alive") as well as a nasty sun burn.  But, I'm not complaining as the small bit of discomfort is minimal to the enjoyment I've received.

Mark, Jiab, and I on the Ao Chalong Tourist Pier

sunset on the unnamed (possibly Ya Nui or Nai Ya?) beach between Promthep and Nai Harn

Tim and I enjoying a cool evening on the beach

your's truly on the receiving end of a triple massage given by Jiab, Nadee, and Tim (who took a break to take the photo); gotta love Thailand...

Nadee tries to be sneaky and pour buckets of ice on unsuspecting sun bathers

Michael, Doug, Adrian, and Chris soaking up the sun at Laem Sing