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After enduring the four-hour final exam for the TEFL course, several of us decided to ride up to View Point on the promontory between Patong and Karon.  Adrian, Mark, Doug, Michael, Chris, and I had several beers before Tim and Nadee (my other "new" little sister) showed up.  We had a good time talking and enjoying the view; because of the wave of cyclones coming in from Vietnam, the sea below was rather violent and the sky above ominous.

Later, Tim and I met up with Jiab and the three of us joined Mark for some dinner at Hole In The Wall Bar (I had the Irish stew — awesome) and played a bit of pool.  We ended up at Elephant Boomerang Bar, a Thai joint on the Karon road south of Patong (next to one of the elephant safari places).  The band there was quite good (they played my request of "Bua Loy" by Carabao prompting my only dancing of the evening).  Opat joined us around midnight but by then I was fairly beat and coaxed Tim to take me home.

Chris and Adrian

Tim and Nadee

Michael, Doug, and Mark

Tim "loses" her hat and her shoes!

Tim, Jiab, and Mark at Jiab's home

playing pool at Hole In The Wall — a very nice bar owned by a Russian man and his Thai wife

Mark tried to give Jiab a kiss

Tim, Jiab, and Mark enjoy the music at Elephant Boomerang Bar