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Early this morning, Tim, Nadia, and I made our way over to Saphan Hin to watch the Vegetarian Festival prosession by Kathu Shrine.  It was unlike anything I've ever experienced — plenty of devotees in trances with all manner of objects protruding through their cheeks and other parts of their bodies.  Not only were there the expected knives and swords but items such as umbrellas, large spring-coils, etc. were dangling from their mouths.  Definitely not for the faint-of-heart!

In all, the parade lasted almost two hours and was quite a spectacle with many participants, clanging Chinese drums, and plenty of fireworks (with no regard to the safety of any humans or animals in the vicinity).  I took almost 200 photos and shot about 40 minutes of video.  Here's a small selection from the still pictures (I've included 12 photos; please allow time for them all to load):