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Last week was incredibly full as the end of the TEFL course closes in.  We gave our final lessons to our Thai students and had a small graduation ceremony for them on Thursday.  We also had back-to-back exams (the most difficult thus far, covering Thai language/society/culture and a comprehensive grammar review).  Tim and I hosted end-of-course parties for the teachers (Friday night) and students (from Saturday afternoon through late Sunday afternoon), sandwiching my visa run to Myanmar with Ben and the other Mark.  Our four-hour final exam is tomorrow and the course finishes with the presentation of our diplomas on Thursday.

With this extremely hectic schedule, I haven't had any time at all to sit down at the computer, much less write any blog entries.  I do assure you that I'll bring it up-to-date within the next few days (perhaps Wednesday as that is my day off).  I have taken A LOT of photos the past few days, some of which I'll share here as well...