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The second episode of the GOODNIGHT PHUKET podcast is a little less rough (notice how I didn't say "smoother") than the debut.  For one thing, I have a "real" microphone (which cost around 75 baht, or $2.22 U.S.).  I'm a bit happier with the end result which I recorded late at night as it's the only really quiet time I can find anymore.  Still, it just recaps some of what I've written here on the blog namely listing some of the things we've done the past couple of weeks (attending the Chinese New Year at Jungceylon and temple fair at Wat Chalong as well as visiting Surin Beach and looking for a new house).  I also mention the (continuing) job search, the fact that we haven't been spending much time with our usual gaggle of friends, and a plan to include excerpts of some Thai music in an upcoming podcast.  Running just under thirteen minutes, I don't think it's long enough to induce too much insomnia...

You can listen directly using the Gcast player below; or subscribe via iTunes: