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This past month, I managed to find time to listen to 103 complete albums (down one from January).  Remarkably — and for the first time ever for me — NONE of these albums was actually played on the stereo from a physical CD!  With (most of) the music I want to listen to residing in my iTunes and iPod it's becoming increasingly rare for me to fiddle with a disc.  Most of the time these days I play music on the laptop through it's built-in speakers.  If there's something I want to hear through decent speakers, I just hook the iPod up to the stereo or TV.  I can play lossless FLAC directly on the computer through the foobar2000 application but any music I download in the older SHN format has to be decoded to WAV first (my favorite app for this is the all-in-one Trader's Little Helper) and burned to disc.  While it would seem that I'd be doing this a lot (certain artists I download, including Pink Floyd, seem to ALWAYS be in SHN rather than FLAC), the past few months have seen me just archiving all of my lossless downloads onto DVD-R and listening to very few of them!

Anyway, without any further preample, I present the breakdown of artists listened to in the month of February 2007 (all of them instead of just the most-played):

There were also a total of nine various artists compilations (mostly miscellaneous downloads from music blogs but also including one classical music compilation and a couple or romantic Valentine's Day mixes).