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Yes, I did get up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 this morning in order to catch the Super Bowl live on ESPN at a local bar — the Enigma in Rawai.  It was a bit surreal watching kickoff in the early morning darkness and emerging in bright sunshine but Doug and I were happy to find a decent place to watch the game.  We had primo seats on a nice cushy sofa right in front of the big screen.  A traditional English breakfast was served (the owner is from the U.K.) which was okay except for the tomatoes and the hockey-puck shaped "mystery item"; I opted for coffee rather than beer.  Although I had no particular attachment to either team, I picked Chicago to win but wasn't too disappointed with the final score (Indianapolis won 29-17).  It was (mostly) a good game... (And now, I plan to sleep the rest of the afternoon.)

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Ellen Kozisek กล่าวว่า...

I would guess the mystery item to be either black pudding or white pudding (think sausage :)), depending on color. I enjoyed the white pudding while in Ireland. Didn't try the black.