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It's been a fairly wasted week as I spent much of it in bed feeling miserable.  A spider bit me just below my right eye and I developed a massive headache and rash over most of my face.  We visited a total of three local Thai clinics without any success (the most any of them gave me was a little bag of aspirin; question:  why are doctors' offices in this country NOT open during the daytime and then only a limited number of hours in the evening?).  One said we had to suck out the spider poison ourselves.  I found some paracetamol (Adult's Tylenol 500) in the Tesco-Lotus pharmacy but it didn't alleviate my headaches — even my hair hurt when barely touched, making it very difficult to sleep).  I started feeling better yesterday but still have some swelling around the spider bite and a few remaining spots of the rash (which I tried to shave around this morning but soon gave up).

I think it it wasn't for my iPod I would have gone completely crazy.  With it hooked up to the television in our master bedroom I was able to watch a lot of downloaded TV shows, listen to music, and watch a few photo slideshows in between the waves of more-pain-than-usual.  (BTW, I LOVE how I can load the iPod with converted videos — i.e., ones downloaded from YouTube and iFilm — and watch on the big screen; and I've only just discovered free video podcasts...)

Well, today will be one of playing catch up.  Perhaps even a blog entry or two...