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I'm not guessing who may have read about our continuing water woes in this blog, but...

Yesterday our landlord delivered a 500-liter (I think that's around 150 gallons) water tank for us — free of charge — to be filled whenever we need it, also free.  They also ran a hose from the tank into my master bathroom so we wouldn't have to haul water in buckets.  Jon then informed me that the Provincial Governor would be meeting with the Water Authority today to find a resolution to the lack of running water.

We'll see what happens...

In the meantime, I think I'm going to go out today and see if I can find a "camp shower" to hook up to my new "running water" hose.

Perhaps, sometimes it does pay to complain on this blog as you never know if someone who can effect change will be reading.  Thank you whoever you are...