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Recently, I've been trying to add more links within my posts.  Most of these are links to articles on either Wikipedia or Wikitravel.  If I mention a particular Thai food, I'll try to include a link for more information or recipes at Thai Food Blogs.  Following these links will point you towards definitions and more information on the given subjects or destinations; the wiki articles are almost always better sources from the various "official" websites (links to which I will still include from time to time if I feel those are well-designed and informative sites).

I do hope you'll explore these links from time to time.  I have a huge thirst for knowledge and I enjoy learning as much as I can about the places I visit, the the things I see or eat.

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Ellen Kozisek กล่าวว่า...

Oooo! I didn't know about Wikitravel. I'll have to explore and make use of that site. :)