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At approximately 12:30 pm local time on Wednesday, 2nd August BE 2549, I legally married Sangwan Sentham (Tim) at Bangrak District amphoe in the heart of Bangkok.  We hadn't really planned to get married that day — indeed, we had yet to take showers and clean up following a 13-hour bus trip, a two-and-a-half-hour wait at the U.S. Embassy, and another hour or so in a lawyer's office before going to the registration office — but everything sort of fell in place.  I was unshaven and wearing a Marillion warmup jacket over my 79-baht button-down shirt and Campmor waterproof pants while Tim's hair was unkempt and she wore a green jacket with the King's 60th anniversary symbol on the left breast.  We were both exhausted due to lack of sleep.  The actual act of waiting in the amphoe and signing the registration papers was akin to any bureaucratic activity (it reminded me of going to get my driver's license renewed).  But none of this did anything to distract from the mood.

I'll write more about our activities leading up to the moved-up "wedding" and about our "honeymoon" in Ayutthaya later tonight or tomorrow but, until then, here is a scan of our marriage certificate:

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Jo Ann in KC กล่าวว่า...

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your good news. I really enjoy reading your blog. Jo Ann in KC