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Just two days into my TEFL course and I'm already feeling a bit overwhelmed.  But that's a good thing as I'm getting accustomed to being back in a classroom (how many years has it been?), studying, and taking exams (we have our first one tomorrow!).  My classes run from 10 in the morning until four in the afternoon, Monday through Thursday, for the next six weeks.  It's very intensive and we're scheduled to begin teaching actual Thai students as early as the week after next.

The hectic schedule has drastically cut the amount of free time I have.  Last night, I had to prepare a 15-minute presentation on the topic of "how to make a visa run;" I actually volunteered to give my speech second this morning (I don't think I've ever volunteered to do public speaking before) so I could get it over with.  I did fairly well and the teacher/peer evaluation went well.  On Thursday, I need to give another 15-minute presentation — this time the subject will be the grammatical use of articles so I spent some time this evening refreshing my memory about these.

I'm trying to get into the routine of doing the grammar portion of my daily homework as soon as arriving back home in the afternoon.  Then Tim and I have our dinner and talk some before I disappear into the master bedroom to do any reading assignments or research needed.  Tonight wasn't as bad as last night since the next presentation isn't due until the day after tomorrow — I did a Google search on "articles grammar" and printed out the best explanations I found (I'll read a bit on the topic later in one of my TEFL books brought from America).  I also studied my notes and re-read Module 1 of our course material in preparation for the exam.  All that and it's only a bit after 8:30 at night.  Perhaps my wife won't feel so neglected this evening...

I'm really looking forward to the weekend (although I might have to do a visa run on Friday, depending on if they approve my 30-day extension or not).  It's great being back in school but I will take me (and Tim, for that matter) another couple of days to adjust to the new routine.  It's definitely worth it!